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Pineapple themed birthday party with personalized M&M'S

Hosting a surprise party? Make sure your guests aren't famished while they wait for the (fashionably late) guest of honor, by putting a few candy dishes around the party.

Personalized M&M'S in round silver tins

Create personalized birthday party favors that perfectly match your event by mixing up to three of our 25 colors, and adding clip art and text that matches your birthday theme.

Aloha M&M'S in a glass bowl

For a pop of color at your event, fill clear glass vases with personalized birthday M&M'S®. Not only do they add a festive touch, but they taste great, too!

Gifts filled with personalized M&M'S

Looking for a personalized birthday gift that (literally) makes a statement? Try My M&M'S® in a glass candy jar or round gift box.

Fun birthday table theme

Happy Birth-Yay! Create an irresistible candy bar with color-coordinated M&M'S®.

Happy birtday M&M'S

M&M'S® chocolate candy makes your birthday party favors awesome, and the My M&M'S® personalization makes it unforgettable.

Cupcake decorated with M&M'S in the icing

Need to add some color to the dessert table? No problem with My M&M'S®. Decorate cupcakes with some personalized M&M'S® in your party hues.

Cake tray with personalized M&M'S favors on it

Add some colorful fun to your birthday dessert bar by placing a display of personalized birthday favors on a cake stand, right next to the real thing.

Cupcake tray filled with personalized M&M'S

My M&M'S® can work with any birthday party theme! With 25 colors to choose from, any celebration is a piece of cake for this classic candy treat.

A box filled with personalized M&M'S

Make your personalized birthday party favors the talk of your social-media circle by adding a photo of the honoree, birthday clip art and his or her name.

Sweet sixteen candle birthday scene

Sweet 16s can be sweeter, when you invite M&M'S® to the party! From favors to party decor, everyone will love the colorful candy treat.

Packs of M&M'S at a birthday party

It's hard to tell what will get the bigger reaction at a Sweet 16 party - personalized candy with your child's face on it, or the keys to the car. There's only one way to find out!