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Slide 0: Happy Birthday Gifting Jar – Pink
Starting at $24.99
Meet your new go-to birthday idea – our Happy Birthday candy jar filled with personalized M&M’S® candies. These birthday chocolates hold their own with three colors and three designs to delight the birthday girl or boy. Yasss to signature birthday gifts.
Slide 1: M&M'S® Characters Chocolate Birthday Gift Box
Starting at $24.99
The M&M’S® Characters Chocolate Birthday Gift Box says “Happy Birthday” with all 6 M&M’S® characters ... and your own special message! No chocolate lover can resist this ultra-personalized present.


Slide 2: Birthday M&M'S® Dispenser & Personalized M&M'S®
Starting at $34.99
Balloons pop and flowers fade. This year, make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special with personalized M&M’S® packed in a keepsake M&M’S® dispenser that will last forever (although we can’t guarantee the same for the treats inside!).


Slide 3: M&M'S® Candy Dispenser & Personalized M&M'S®
Starting at $34.99
Party like it’s 1959! Go retro with this gumball-style M&M’S® dispenser, filled with 1 pound of personalized M&M’S® candies.


Slide 4: 3 Let It Snow M&M’S® Candy Bags
As long as you love them so, share these "Let It Snow" M&M'S® chocolate candies with friends, family or co-workers. Featuring blue, dark blue and light blue and snowflake clip-art, it's a perfect way to celebrate the season! Sold as a set of three 7 ounce bags, perfect for gifting! Not promo eligible.
Slide 5: Winter Gifting Jar with Personalized M&M’S®
Starting at $24.99
Create a custom gift where no two are alike when you add your personalized M&M’S to our winter gifting jar. The seasonal snowflake design makes this M&M’S gift love at frost sight!
Slide 6: Gift Jar Yellow Lid
Starting at $19.99
Hello, yellow! From business gift to pleasure gift, look no further than our clear candy gift jar filled with customized M&M’S candies, featuring a glossy yellow lid with embossed, classic white M&M’S “m” logo.
Slide 7: Blue Stack 'm M&M'S® Gift Box
Starting at $29.99
Take your gift-giving to new heights with our Blue Stack ‘m M&M’S® gift set! This eye-catching blue gift includes three containers that can be stacked to create a tower of deliciousness. Comes filled with personalized M&M’S candies!
Slide 8: Yellow Stack 'm M&M'S® Gift Box
Starting at $29.99
Spread some sunshine and sweetness with a yellow gift! Our Yellow Stack ‘m M&M’S® gift set includes three stackable candy containers with yellow lids and comes filled with personalized M&M’S® candies!
Slide 9: Green Stack 'm M&M'S® Gift Box
Starting at $29.99
These green M&M’S® Stack ’m gift boxes will make ’m green with envy! Each order comes with three stackable green gift containers filled with personalized M&M’S® candies. So get creative—and go green!
Slide 10: Orange Stack 'm M&M'S® Gift Box
Starting at $29.99
Brighten someone’s day with an orange M&M’S® gift that towers above the rest! Our Orange Stack ‘m M&M’S® gift set includes three stackable candy containers with orange lids, and comes filled with personalized M&M’S® candies.
Slide 11: Acrylic Football Candy Dish with Lid & Personalized M&M'S®
Starting at $19.99
Score a touchdown with this football candy dish on birthdays, Father’s Day, or the day of the big game! Each acrylic football candy holder comes pre-filled with nine ounces of personalized chocolate M&M’S.


Slide 12: MY M&M'S® Thank You Gift Box
Starting at $24.99
Say thank you with personalized chocolate M&M'S®. This box contains a bow cutout for your recipient to see their unique gift. Each box hold 1 pound of personalized M&M'S® Chocolate Candies. Box measures 7.25" by 5.25" by 1.75".
Slide 13: MY M&M'S® Red Hearts Blend 2-lb (907g) Bulk Bag
What’s cute and white and red all over? This unique Valentine’s M&M’S blend, featuring all-white M&M’S candies printed with the cutest, tiniest red hearts. For a Valentine’s gift as unique as you are, you can’t go wrong with these “heart-y” candies!


Slide 14: Adult Women's M&M'S® Logo Pink Tee and Short Lounge Set
From staycation to vacation, keep it cool and casual in our ladies’ pink tee and short lounge set. Made of pink terrycloth and ribbed at the hems, this stylish outfit features an extra-large M&M’S logo—and will have you hanging loose in no time.
Slide 15: Adult Men's M Logo Red Lounge Pants With Pockets
Step up your sleep game with these red lounge pants. The pockets keep it casual, the drawstring keeps things tight, and the white M&M’S® logo print keeps your z’s as sweet as they are stylish. You’ll always look good when you snooze in M&M’S clothes!
Slide 16: Black M&M'S® Sand Blasted Mug
There wasn’t a lot to love about mornings until this black M&M’S mug appeared on the scene, but a bit of coffee in a playful mug sprinkled with iconic white M&M’S “m” logos will turn even the most committed night owls into early birds. Rise and shine!
Slide 17: Baby Feet Candy Gift Box
Starting at $24.99
Is there anything sweeter than a pair of tiny baby feet? Add some of your favorite chocolate candies and you have the MY M&M’S® Baby Feet Candy Box — the perfect gift for new moms and dads!
Slide 18: Orange M&M'S® Figural Mug
Orange isn’t a big fan of strangers, but for you he’ll make an exception. Meet him for a coffee date this morning (and every morning) with your very own M&M’S® figural mug. And don’t worry about splitting the bill; the drink’s on Orange—literally!
Slide 19: Yellow M&M'S® Figural Mug
You’re late to work, you’ve lost your keys, and you don’t have time for coffee. Or do you? Maybe what you really need is a caffeine sesh with our M&M’S® figural mug, featuring your favorite big-hearted listener, Yellow!
Slide 20: Brown M&M'S® Figural Mug
The teacher is in! Get an honorary PhD in coolness studies when you sip your tea out of this brown M&M’S® character mug, featuring the face of that wicked-smart wise gal, Ms. Brown, over the classic white M&M’S “m” logo.
Slide 21: Spring M&M’S® Candy Blend (2-lb Bag)
The best way to celebrate spring? Candy, of course! Brighten up the year’s sweetest season with a fun blend of bright, blossoming pinks, purples, and yellows decorated with sunshine, butterflies and flowers.
Slide 22: Candy Table Apothecary Jar & Bulk M&M'S® (10-lb Bag)
Starting at $174.99
You’re no wallflower … so why should your candy buffet jars be shrinking violets? Make a grand statement at your big bash with this Candy Table Apothecary Jar filled with personalized M&M’S!
Slide 23: Candy Table Apothecary Jar & Bulk M&M'S® (5-lb Bag)
Starting at $99.99
Your candy bar just got sweeter! Fill the eye-catching Candy Table Apothecary Jar with personalized M&M’S® from the included 5 pound bag and watch guests flock to your candy table. It’s a treat for all the senses.
Slide 24: Class of 2018 Graduation Candy Dispenser
Starting at $34.99
Say “Congrats, grad!” with this unique personalized graduation gift. Each fun and retro dispenser comes filled with M&M’S® graduation candy, completely customizable to celebrate your favorite smarty!


Slide 25: Father’s Day Gift Jar & Personalized M&M'S®
Starting at $24.99
This is your best Father’s Day idea yet – a resealable candy jar that’s filled with personalized M&M’S® candies that show Dad how you feel. The Happy Father’s Day design proclaims it for the world to see. These are his darn Father’s Day chocolates. Paws off, kiddo.
Slide 26: Graduation Cap Gift Box & Personalized M&M'S®
Starting at $24.99
It's as mortarboard! No, wait — it's a personalized graduation gift filled with customized M&M'S® for your favorite grad! This fun gift lets you congratulate them your own way: with mouthwatering chocolates dedicated just to them.


Slide 27: My M&M'S® Father’s Day Chocolate & Yellow Character Mug
Dad’s cup runneth over when it’s filled with Father's Day M&M'S® candies! That #1 Dad and Happy Father’s Day message on his candies will make him smile initially, but Dad will remember his special Father’s Day gift each time he uses his Yellow character mug.
Slide 28: MY M&M'S® #1 Dad Candy Dispenser
Starting at $34.99
Show Dad that you're his biggest fan with a unique personalized gift. Featuring a "#1 Dad" design, this classic white candy dispenser comes with a 1lb bag of personalized chocolate M&M'S® candies (approximately 10 servings of candy). Candy Dispenser is approx. 9" high, and made of cast iron with a glass top. Holds up to 18oz of M&M'S® chocolate candies.
Slide 29: Class of 2018 Graduation M&M’S® Candy Blend (2-lb Bag)
Put an exclamation point on your graduation bash with our class of 2018 graduation candy blend: a 2-lb bag of pearl M&M’S® candies congratulating the class of 2018 in big, bold letters. Nothing looks better next to a diploma than these custom M&M’S® milk chocolate candies!