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Slide 0: MY M&M'S® Red Hearts Blend 2-lb (907g) Bulk Bag
What’s cute and white and red all over? This unique Valentine’s M&M’S blend, featuring all-white M&M’S candies printed with the cutest, tiniest red hearts. For a Valentine’s gift as unique as you are, you can’t go wrong with these “heart-y” candies!


Slide 1: My M&M'S® Valentine’s Blend 2-lb (907g) Bulk Bag
Put a playful twist on the classic Valentine’s gift (chocolate, of course!) with our Valentine M&M’S blend: red, white, light and dark pink M&M’S candies printed with hearts, X’s, O’s, and heartfelt messages reading: “LOVE” and “Happy Valentine’s Day".


Slide 2: Smooches M&M'S® Candy Blend (2-lb Bag)
Slide 3: M&M'S® Heart Tins Gift Set
This M&M'S® Valentine's Day Gift Set includes M&M’S® Milk Chocolate Candies and M&M’S® Peanut Chocolate Candies inside 3 reusable M&M’S® Character Heart Tins. The perfect gift for that special M&M’S® lover! This product can only be shipped to a US address.


Slide 4: Valentine’s Day M&M’S® Stack ‘m Bundle
Stack up the romance gift points with our pink and purple Stack ‘m boxes and custom M&M’S® candies! Our Valentine’s Day Stack ‘m gift set includes three stackable candy containers with purple and pink lids plus a 2-lb bag of custom Valentine’s M&M’S® candies.
Slide 5: M&M'S® & Skittles Heart Tins Gift Set
This Valentines gift tin assortment includes M&M’S® Fun Size Milk Chocolate Candies, Skittles® Fun Size Candies, and M&M’S® Fun Size Peanut Chocolate Candies packed into adorable re-usable heart tins. The perfect gift to share with friends or that someone special …or to satisfy your own sweet tooth! This product can only be shipped to a US address.
Slide 6: Red Hearts Gift Jar & Personalized M&M'S®
Starting at $24.99
Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Our Red Hearts Gift Jar provides chocolate goodness in a clear gift jar with a red heart printed lid. Personalize your M&M’S® Candies with text, clipart, a photo of you and your loved one or whatever your heart desires!


Slide 7: XOXO Candy Box with Red & White M&M’S®
Who needs a hug and kiss? They are a great gift, one size fits all and easy to exchange. Even better, our XOXO candy box filled with heart printed M&M’S® is a Valentine’s day gift that is sure to return many hugs and kisses in appreciation.


Slide 8: Heart Shaped Candy Box with Red & White M&M’S®
Want a unique Valentine’s Day Gift to make their heart skip a beat? Well, take heart, our Heart gift box is full of heart. We have the one heart shaped box, another inside, and each chamber is filled with heart printed red & white M&M’S® custom candy.
Slide 9: Happy St. Patty's Day M&M'S® Candy Blend (2-lb Bag)
Nothing says Happy St. Patrick's Day like green & white M&M'S® with shamrocks and "Happy St. Patty's Day" clipart. This 2-lb bag of St. Patty's Day M&M’S® puts a tasty new spin on party favors or candy buffets.


Slide 10: St. Patrick's Day M&M'S® Candy Blend (2-lb Bag)
If you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day favors, it’s your lucky day! This 2-lb bag of all-green M&M’S® puts a tasty new spin on Irish party favors. There’s a four-leaf clover on each candy, so your luck will never run out.
Slide 11: Winter M&M'S® Candy Blend (2-lb Bag)
Celebrate the season with Winter themed M&M'S®. With snowy clip-art on silver, white, and light blue chocolate candies, this 2lb bag makes a great gift and can add some colorful chocolate fun to any holiday party. Approximately 21 servings of candy.
Slide 12: "Let It Snow" M&M'S® Candy Blend (2-lb Bag)
As long as you love them so...share these "Let It Snow" M&M'S chocolate candies with friends and family. Featuring blue, dark blue and light blue and snowflake clip-art, it's a perfect way to celebrate the season.
Slide 13: Pink Stack 'm & Valentine M&M’S® Gift Set
For a gift that stacks up the fun, think pink with our pink Stack ‘m box and custom M&M’S® candies! Our Pink Stack ‘m M&M’S® gift set includes a stackable candy container with pink lid and comes with a 7oz bag of custom Valentine’s Blend M&M’S® candies.