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Apothecary Jar
Show off your candy creation in our apothecary jar. Holds approximately 3.5 lbs. of chocolate M&M'S candies. Measures 11" high (with lid) and 5.25" wide.
Cute Tan Bear
Double Heart Blend 2lb Bag
Was: $34.99
Now: $19.99
7oz Spring Blend Bag
2lb bag of Home Run Blend
Was: $34.99
Now: $19.99
2lb Bag of Spring Blend
Red M&M'S® Character Plush
When Red is around, get ready for fun with this adventurous M&M'S® character.
Fall M&M'S® Blend (2-lb Bag)
Was: $34.99
Now: $17.99
Celebrate everything that is awesome in autumn with the Fall M&M'S® blend. Now at a special $17.99 price.
Black Gift Box
Dress up your personalized M&M'S® gift with this sleek candy gift box.
Yellow M&M'S® Character Plush
Who can resist Yellow, the goofy and lovable M&M'S® character?
Orange M&M'S® Character Plush
The Orange M&M'S® character is perfect for the worrywart in your life.
Green M&M'S® Character Plush
Confident and sassy, Green is the leading lady of the M&M'S® characters.
Ms. Brown M&M'S® Character Plush
Who doesn't love Ms. Brown, the sophisticated and smart M&M'S® character?
Blue M&M'S® Character Plush
Calm, cool and confident, Blue is the hippest M&M'S® character.
Hanukkah M&M'S® Candy (2-lb Bag)
Make your Hanukkah celebration a-"Latke" fun with these Hanukkah themed M&M'S®. Featuring the Star of David and dreidel clip-art on blue, light blue, and white chocolate candies, this 2lb bag makes a great gift and can add some colorful chocolate fun to the Festival of Lights. Approximately 21 servings of candy.
Christmas M&M'S® Candy (2-lb Bag)
Celebrate the holidays with Christmas customized M&M'S®. With festive clip-art on red, white, and green chocolate candies, this 2lb bag makes a great gift and can add some colorful chocolate fun to any holiday party. Approximately 21 servings of candy.
Was: $34.99
Now: $19.99
As long as you love them so...share these "Let It Snow" M&M'S chocolate candies with friends and family. Featuring blue, dark blue and light blue and snowflake clip-art, it's a perfect way to celebrate the season.
Yellow M&M'S® Character Smooches Plush
The cutest way to tell your crush: “hey, I kinda like you”. This snuggly, lovable plush of the goofy yellow M&M’S® character covered in kisses. It’s the slightly more grownup version of a note that says “I like you, do you like me too?”
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