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Valentine's Day Gifts

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Slide 0: Amore Personalized Candy Gift Box
Starting at $29.99
There are thousands of ways to say: “I love you,” but none sweeter than the Amore Personalized Candy Gift Box full of lovingly customized M&M’S®. The attractive white box spells out those three little words in oh-so-many languages!


Slide 1: Happy Valentine's Day Gift Box Red Character
Starting at $29.99
Get wooed by Red! He comes bearing roses on this playful, personalized Valentine’s Day gift box. Peek through the clear cellophane heart to see your personalized M&M’S® candies, and let the Happy Valentine’s Day message get your heart a-flutter.
Slide 2: Happy Valentine's Day Gift Box Yellow Character
Starting at $29.99
This charming Valentine’s Day gift box features that crafty M&M’S® character, Yellow, and a pair of cut-out hearts that reveal your customized M&M’S® candy blend. A Happy Valentine’s Day message in pretty red script completes the (oh-so-pretty) picture.
Slide 3: Large Red Heart M&M’S Gift Box (25.2 oz)
Starting at $29.99
Got a big heart, and need a gift to match it? At over 1 ½ pounds, this red heart tin is not just stylish—it’s big enough to hold all the personalized M&M’S® candies you have to give. And what says “love” more than a heart full of chocolate?
Slide 4: Small Red Heart M&M’S Gift Box (6.88 oz)
Starting at $12.99
Nothing says: “I heart you” like a stylish red heart tin filled with personalized M&M’S® candies. Perfect for your bestie, your sister, or your latest heartthrob, this showpiece features a red border and recessed metal tin to show off your treats.


Slide 5: Together Forever Personalized Candy Gift Box
Starting at $29.99
The lady in your life deserves a gift as sweet as she is. Present her with the Together Forever personalized gift for her, filled with a pound of personalized M&M'S candies to show her you’re ready for forever.


Slide 6: 3 Personalized Romantic M&M'S® Candy Bags
Starting at $21.97
Nothing spells romance like C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E. Celebrate an anniversary, surprise that special someone, or create an unforgettable prom-posal with these pretty pink bags of personalized M&M’S: the most romantic candy there is! Total of 13.5 servings for all 3 bags.


Slide 7: Personalized Valentine's Party Favor Packs
Starting at $1.99
These adorable Valentine's Day party favors make the most romantic day of the year that much sweeter! Give them out at your V-day bash, pop them into cards to add some "yum!" to your greetings, or simply pass them out to everyone you "heart."
Slide 8: Personalized M&M'S® Round Acrylic (8-oz)
Starting at $24.99
A great present for any occasion, this perfect personalized chocolate gift comes packed with eight ounces of mouthwatering, fully customized M&M’S. Say “congratulations,” “you’re great,” “I love you,” “get well soon,” or so much more with M&M’S!
Slide 9: Pure White Love Bear and Large (25.2 oz/714g) Red Heart M&M’S Gift Box Set
Starting at $34.99
Why choose between a sweet plush animal and yummy chocolate? Get the best of both worlds with our Red Heart Gift Box bundle: our signature “melting heart” personalized candy gift box, and a snuggly white teddy bear with the M&M’S® “M” logo on his paw.


Slide 10: Large (25.2 oz/714g) And Small (6.88 oz/195g) Red Heart M&M’S Gift Box Set
Two hearts beat as one! Our Red Heart Gift Box set comes with two heart-shaped, personalized candy gift boxes and a 2-lb (907g) bag of our signature Valentine’s Day M&M’S® candy blend printed with hearts, X’s, O’s, and a whole lot of LOVE.
Slide 11: Adult Men's M Logo Red Lounge Pants With Pockets
Step up your sleep game with these red lounge pants. The pockets keep it casual, the drawstring keeps things tight, and the white M&M’S® logo print keeps your z’s as sweet as they are stylish. You’ll always look good when you snooze in M&M’S clothes!
Slide 12: Adult Men's M Logo Grey Lounge Pants With Pockets
Most sleepwear is a snore, but these grey lounge pants are a fashion wake-up call. Go from Snoozeville to Stylepalooza in fashionable men’s lounge pants featuring red M&M’S logos on a grey background. Lounging never looked so good!
Slide 13: Adult Women's M&M’S® Melts in Your Mouth Lounge Set
Feeling tomboy casual? Get a women’s lounge set to match! With our red-and-white baseball tee and grey sweat pants, you’ll be ready to catch a fly ball, catch some z’s, or even catch a movie—’cause these laidback M&M’S clothes look good indoors and out.


Slide 14: Ladies 3 Pack M&M® Logo Love Socks
Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but you wear yours on your feet! Put some romantic pep in your step this Valentine’s Day with a 3-pack of women’s love socks, featuring prints of hearts and M&M’S candies against a pink or red background.
Slide 15: Adult Women's M&M'S® Logo Pink Tee and Short Lounge Set
From staycation to vacation, keep it cool and casual in our ladies’ pink tee and short lounge set. Made of pink terrycloth and ribbed at the hems, this stylish outfit features an extra-large M&M’S logo—and will have you hanging loose in no time.
Slide 16: 1lb Bag My M&M'S® Bulk Candy - Red
Slide 17: 1lb Bag My M&M'S® Bulk Candy - Pink
Slide 18: 1lb Bag My M&M'S® Bulk Candy - Dark Pink
Slide 19: 1lb Bag My M&M'S® Bulk Candy - White
Slide 20: MY M&M'S® Red Hearts Blend 2-lb (907g) Bulk Bag
Was: $39.99
Now: $24.99
What’s cute and white and red all over? This unique Valentine’s M&M’S blend, featuring all-white M&M’S candies printed with the cutest, tiniest red hearts. For a Valentine’s gift as unique as you are, you can’t go wrong with these “heart-y” candies!
Slide 21: MY M&M'S® Galentine's Blend 2-lb (907g) Bulk Bag
Was: $39.99
Now: $24.99
Your gals are the only Valentine’s gift you need! Toast them with our M&M’S gift for girlfriends: pink, light purple, white, and golden Valentine’s M&M’S candies printed with champagne flutes, hearts, X’s and O’s, and a Happy Galentine’s Day message.
Slide 22: My M&M'S® Valentine’s Blend 2-lb (907g) Bulk Bag
Put a playful twist on the classic Valentine’s gift (chocolate, of course!) with our Valentine M&M’S blend: red, white, and pink M&M’S candies printed with hearts, X’s, O’s, and heartfelt messages reading: “LOVE” and “Happy Valentine’s Day”.


Slide 23: Personalized M&M'S® Round Acrylic in Black Gift Box
Starting at $39.99
This is sleek candy gift box is dressed to impress. Open the elegant black box to reveal a round acrylic container nestled in sumptuous lining. Inside: custom M&M’S® to commemorate the moment!
Slide 24: Amore Gift Box with 1lb My M&M’S Valentine’s Day Candy
Slide 25: Romantic M&M'S® Candy Dispenser Bundle & Personalized M&M'S®
Show off your sweet and cuddly side with the personalized romantic gift that has it all! This teddy bear and candy dispenser set comes with customized M&M’S to express your fondest sentiments. It’s sure to delight the romantic in anyone!
Slide 26: Valentine Red Character Favor (20 Tins)
Starting at $82.99
Crushing hard but feeling shy? Worry no more! Just slip your unwitting sweetheart one of our Valentine’s Day favor tins, filled with personalized M&M’S® candies and starring everyone’s favorite matchmaker, Red!
Slide 27: Valentine Yellow Character Favor (20 Tins)
Starting at $82.99
When it comes to romance, you make everything bright and bubbly. Keep things on the sunny side of the street with this set of 20 Valentine’s Day favor tins prefilled with personalized M&M’S® candies and featuring Yellow on the lid.
Slide 28: Valentine Yellow Character Be Mine Favor (20 Tins)
Starting at $82.99
Yellow may be bashful, but he’s never too shy to say “Be Mine!” Channel your inner M&M’S® character with this set of 20 Valentine’s Day favor tins. They feature his charming face on a heart background, and come pre-filled with personalized M&M’S candies!
Slide 29: Valentine Red Character Be Mine Favor (20 Tins)
Starting at $82.99
Love is a many-splendored thing—and now it’s a tin, too! This Valentine’s Day, give your heart away in style with a personalized favor tin filled with customized M&M’S® candies and stamped with Red’s romantic mug saying, “Be Mine” on a heart background.