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Black M&M'S® Sand Blasted Mug

There wasn’t a lot to love about mornings until this black M&M’S mug appeared, but a sip coffee in a playful mug sprinkled with iconic white M&M’S “m” logos will turn even the most committed night owls into early birds. Not Promo Eligible. Item #D838975
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Take your morning cup of joe in style with this black M&M’S mug. Whether you’re late to bed or early to rise, the cheerful scattering of white m’s dotting this sand blasted mug will have you whistling through breakfast and halfway into your morning commute. (We can’t promise anything about the second half.)


Keep one in your kitchen cupboard for your next caffeine emergency, and one in the office for those days when you need a little M&M’S-style pick-me-up. You’ll make a splash at the water cooler with co-workers, and have the authority at staff meetings that only a quality mug can provide.

While you’re at it, stash a mug by the tub along with a kettle and a carefully curated tea selection. Your eyes will appreciate the pop of color, and your weary 9-5 body will enjoy a steaming cup of chamomile and a relaxing soak. 

This ceramic black M&M’S mug is:

  • Safe for hot or cold beverages
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe

Please wash before using. Made in China.

This sand blasted mug measures:

3.7 in deep
5.3 in high
4.1 in wide

9.3 cm deep
13.3 cm high
10.4 cm wide

Holds approximately 16 OZ (473ml).

Mug Shots

Throw an Unforgettable Holiday Party

  • This winter season, forget the ugly sweater party. Set a new trend with your first annual Mug Shot party—a raucous holiday soiree with warm drinks, crazy pics, and, of course, black M&M’S mugs for everyone on your list.
  • It’s not a holiday party without some eggnog. Whip up a batch of your secret recipe and serve it with a cinnamon stick and a dash of nutmeg on top to get everyone in the mood.
  • Your guests will need something to drink out of, so forgo the cheap plastic cups and do them a real party favor, giving each of them their very own sand blasted mug. This will keep you from having to do dishes, and Sally and Jim from fighting over whose mug is whose.
  • Once everyone is good and eggnogged, open the Mug Shot Photo Booth. Hang some curtains in a corner, provide some excellent disguises, and include a whiteboard and marker so your guests can write whether they’ve been naughty or nice this year.
  • Make some DIY frames in advance by gluing M&M’S candies to a cardboard background. Give them away as guests depart with their mug shots, plus a lump of coal or a bag of M&M’S candies, depending on their track record.
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