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Blue M&M'S® Figural Mug

Put on a little light jazz, curl up in a cashmere blanket, and sip some tea from your oh-so-fashionable M&M’S® figural mug. Featuring the sophisticated stare of that cultured blue M&M’S character, Blue. Not Promo Eligible. Item #D839223
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Blue’s that elusive guy everyone wants at their party but can never seem to get ahold of. The solution? Put him on permanent RSVP with your own blue M&M’S character figural mug, and the party never has to end!
This stylish M&M’S figural mug is made of ceramic and features an arch-browed Blue over the classic white M&M’S “m” logo. (Blue’s motto is “Never let ’em see you melt,” but he’ll make an exception for your hot coffee.) But be sure to hold onto the sturdy handle and your hats, because life with Blue is always an adventure. The aficionado of the M&M’S character set, Blue is confident, in-the-know, and out-on-the-town—and he’s even memorized the different shave-and-a-haircut knocks to all the most exclusive back-door joints.
So start early and stay out late, then finish with a nightcap in your blue M&M’S character mug. You’ll be on the front page of the Society section in no time.
The ceramic blue M&M’S figural mug mug is: 
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe
  • BPA-free
  • Safe for use with hot or cold beverages
Please wash before using. Do not put in oven. Made in China.   
The blue M&M’S figural mug measures:
4.3 in deep
6.1 in wide
4.4 in high
11 cm deep
16 cm wide
11 cm high

Holds approximately 22 OZ (650ml).

Kind of (okay, REALLY) Blue

Jazz Up Your Weekend

  • Blue’s a big fan of jazz, and an especially big fan of Miles Davis. (Maybe it has to do with that song, Kind of Blue?) And you’ve always considered yourself a sophisticate, but you’ve never thrown the party to prove it. What are you waiting for? Pull out all the stops with a blue-themed jazz party co-hosted by the kings of underground cool: Miles and Blue!
  • Turn your living room into a speakeasy with twinkle lights, cocktail tables and—of course—a live jazz band (or a jazz playlist on your stereo)! Don’t forget to send out formal invites to your debut “blue-tie” affair.
  • Post a bouncer by the door to demand the secret password (“Blue M&M’S”, of course!). When guests utter the magic phrase, reward them with a blue M&M’S character mug filled with party favors: blue sequin headbands or armbands, a USB with some of your favorite songs to take home, and—of course—some M&M’S candies to snack on throughout the evening.
  • Stay up late, cut a rug, and dance your heart out! Don’t worry—Blue won’t squeal to the cops.
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