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M&M'S® Candy Dispenser & Personalized M&M'S®

Item GlassDispenser-400
Party like it’s 1959! Go retro with this gumball-style M&M’S® dispenser, filled with 1 pound of personalized M&M’S® candies.

(based on 15 reviews)

Personalization Options
Price Per
Color Only
With Clip-Art/Messages
With Photo
With Licensed Clip-Art
Minimum order quantity of 1 required
Crank up the rock 'n roll and whip out your poodle-skirt, because these classic M&M’S® candy dispensers will have you longing for the days of jukeboxes and soda shops. The dispenser comes with 1 pound of M&M’S®, ready to be customized with your favorite rock and roll sayings and pics. Or modernize your machine with pictures of your grandkids, your dog, or your favorite motto. There’s no end to the ways you can make these stylish, classic candy machines your own!

Anyone would be thrilled to receive this M&M’S® candy machine for a birthday, housewarming gift, or in lieu of flowers. But you might want to buy two, because the moment you see this adorable candy dispenser in person you’re not going to want to give it up! Keep yours in the kitchen for a sweet treat while doing the dishes or making dinner for the fam: you’ll want to give a twirl whenever you catch an eyeful of its fun-loving design. Looking for more timeless statements? Try our M&M’S® Apothecary Jar or shop all Candy Dispensers.
The M&M’S® candy dispenser contains 1 pound of personalized M&M’S®.

It measures 9” tall, and 4.5” wide.

Each M&M’S® dispenser holds approximately 10 servings of your personalized M&M’S® candies.

Go Retro With M&M’S® Classic Candy Dispensers

Give Your Home a Vintage Flair

  • An M&M’S® candy dispenser adds an instant spark of fun to any coffee table or kitchen counter in your home. And the personalized M&M’S® make every treat extra sweet!
  • For that classic candy-store vibe, buy a whole set. Fill three or four dispensers with different colored M&M’S®, then set them up on the counter and open your kitchen for business!

Warm Their Home with the Perfect Gift

  • For the brand-new hostess, fill the M&M’S® candy machine with personalized M&M’S® featuring favorite pictures, anecdotes and memories. It’s a gift that’ll truly touch her heart!
  • Go that extra mile by finding out what paint colors she’s picked, and matching the personalized M&M’S® in her brand-new dispenser to her color scheme.

Throw a Sock Hop They’ll Talk About for Decades

  • Fill your M&M’S® dispenser with game ideas and activities that’ll have them rocking and rolling all night long.
  • Add a couple of these adorable machines to a refreshment table filled with old-fashioned sodas, mini-burgers, and old-timey soda straws. Yum!

Make the Most of Your M&M’S® Candy Dispenser & Personalized M&M’S®

Personalized Message Tips

  • A single M&M'S® candy can feature 2 lines of text, with 9 characters per line. You can print up to four different messages in one personalized M&M'S® blend.

Tips for Choosing an Image for Your MY M&M'S®

  • Due to the size of M&M'S® candies, images should contain only the faces of your subjects.
  • To ensure your subjects are recognizable, choose images with only one or two people.

Have a Question? Here’s Your Answer!

When will I get my personalized M&M'S®?

Most orders within the U.S. and Canada will arrive 5-7 business days after ordering. Express shipping is available during checkout.

For more details on shipping costs and times, please view our shipping information.

How should I store my personalized M&M'S®?

Your personalized M&M’S® chocolates should not be refrigerated, or exposed to high temperatures. Instead, store them at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

When should I place my order?

To ensure your order arrives in time for your event, we recommend placing orders for personalized candies at least three weeks before the date of your event.

Can I print anything on the candies?

We don’t want to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth, so there are a few rules to make sure that your custom blend is something we can all be proud of. Please do not use objectionable or offensive content, including words, abbreviations, phrases or images. We also cannot print trademarked logos or images.

Can I print individual images or messages on individual colors?

MY M&M'S® evenly distributes the messages in your personalized M&M'S® throughout all of the printable colors within your chosen blend. This means that if your custom M&M'S® blend has different messages and different colors, all of the messages will be printed on all of the colors.

Have another question? View our complete FAQs or call customer service at 1-888-696-6788, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.
Customer Reviews
Average Rating:

(based on 15 reviews)

December 25, 2016
"I was very disappointed in the quality of the dispense and the custom m & m's. The custom candy was chipped and cracked in half and the dispenser jammed. For the $51.00 that I paid for this I was very disappointed. I contacted m&ms and never received a response. I would rate this a 1 and at this point would not recommend this product or the persona led candy or m $ m's customer service. I would rate your customer service a 0."
By Denise
December 26, 2016
"I would not purchase this product again because you have to put a quarter in the slot each time you want candy and then you only get 4 pieces at a time!!! What gives!!!! I should be able to bypass putting a coin in the slot and I should be able to get more than 4 pieces each turn of the knob. Shame on M&M. I would NOT recommend this anyone!!!"
January 07, 2017
"This was a special anniversary gift for my husband. I was very disappointed. First of all you have to put a coin in & quite often nothing comes out. And the personalized candies I ordered do not taste as fresh as the ones we buy from the store. I could've ordered a similar candy dispenser from Sharper Image at a third of the cost of what I paid for this. "
February 15, 2017
"I ordered 2 sets for Valentine's day for my children. One dispenser arrived broken and I called customer service to let them know. I learned during the call that you need to use actual coins in order to have this work. There were no instructions included in either box and when I asked why that was, the response was "I'm not sure why but I had 5 calls just yesterday about that". Horrible product and extremely deceptive description. Still waiting on my email regarding my replacement glass top."
January 26, 2018
"I received this as a gift and I love it. I will agree I don't enjoy having to put a quarter in each time. It very hard for my kiddos. But other then that the m&m's tasted great!!! I loved the way it looked. It looks wonderful on my kitchen counter without being an eyesore. I would definitely buy this again. As it doesn't so much bother me that you have to put quarters in I would just prefer not to. I have been able to get out more than 4 m&m's at a time and so far none have came out broken."