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Large (25.2 oz/714g) And Small (6.88 oz/195g) Red Heart M&M’S Gift Box Set

Item Large_And_Small_Red_Heart
Two hearts beat as one! Our Red Heart Gift Box set comes with two heart-shaped, personalized candy gift boxes and a 2-lb (907g) bag of our signature Valentine’s Day M&M’S® candy blend printed with hearts, X’s, O’s, and a whole lot of LOVE.

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Minimum order quantity of 1 required
Was: $44.99
Now: $24.95
Q: What’s the only thing better than a personalized Valentine’s Day gift? 

A: TWO personalized Valentine’s Day gifts!

Now you can get two great gifts in one when you choose our beautiful red heart gift box set, which includes two of our “melting heart” personalized candy gift boxes and a 2-lb (907g) bag of Valentine’s Day M&M’S candies.

The red heart gift boxes come in two sizes: small 6.88 oz (195g) and large 25.2 oz (714g). Give the large one to your hubby and the small one to your teenage son, the large one to your boss and the small one to your favorite co-worker, the small one to your mother and the large one to your mother-in-law (or else you’ll never hear the end of it). With this much flexibility in a single gift, the possibilities are endless! Love someone with all your heart? Why not give her both…along with a sweet note about how your two hearts will always beat as one!

Alongside the pair of melting heart gift boxes comes an extra-sweet treat: a 2-lb (907g) bag of M&M’S candies in our signature M&M’S candy blend. Get into the Valentine’s Day spirit with red, white, and dark and light pink M&M’S candies printed with hearts, LOVE, X’s and O’s, and a Happy Valentine’s Day message. Channel your inner DIY diva and split them up between the two gift boxes, and don’t forget to save a few handfuls of M&M’S candies for that special someone who always deserves a little extra love: YOU!

The tins are made in China.  Candies are made in USA.
The Red Heart Gift Box Set and Personalized M&M’S contains two gift boxes.
Small gift box:

W: 4.7 in
L: 6.2 in
H: 1.1 in
Contains 6.88 oz (4.5 servings) of personalized M&M’S candies.
Large gift box:

W: 8.5 in
L: 10.8 in
H: 1.2 in
Contains 25.2 oz (17 servings) of personalized M&M’S candies.

Small gift box:
W: 12 cm
L: 15.8 cm
H: 2.8 cm
Contains 195 g (4.5 servings) of personalized M&M’S candies.
Large gift box:
W: 21.6 cm
L: 27.4 cm
H: 3 cm
It contains 714 g (17 servings) of personalized M&M’S candies.
Your personalized Valentine’s Day gift comes with a 2-lb (907g) bag of our signature M&M’S Valentine’s Day blend.

Personalized Message Tips

  • A single M&M candy can feature 2 lines of text, with 9 characters per line. You can print up to four different messages in one personalized M&M'S® blend.

Tips for Choosing an Image for Your My M&M'S®

  • Due to the small size of M&M'S® candies, images should contain only the faces of your subjects.
  • To ensure your subjects are recognizable, choose images with only one or two people.
Read more tips for the perfect personalized M&M’S.

Have a Question? Here’s Your Answer!

When will I get my personalized M&M'S®?

Most orders within the U.S. and Canada will arrive 5-7 business days after ordering. Express shipping is available during checkout.

For more details on shipping costs and times, please view our shipping information.

How should I store my personalized M&M'S®?

Your personalized M&M’S® chocolates should not be refrigerated, or exposed to high temperatures. Instead, store them at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

When should I place my order?

To ensure your order arrives in time for your event, we recommend placing orders for personalized candies at least three weeks before the date of your event.

Can I print anything on the candies?

We don’t want to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth, so there are a few rules to make sure that your custom blend is something we can all be proud of. Please do not use objectionable or offensive content, including words, abbreviations, phrases or images. We also cannot print trademarked logos or images.

Can I print individual images or messages on individual colors?

MY M&M'S® evenly distributes the messages in your personalized M&M'S® throughout all of the printable colors within your chosen blend. This means that if your custom M&M'S® blend has different messages and different colors, all of the messages will be printed on all of the colors.

Have another question? View our complete FAQs or call customer service at 1-888-696-6788, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.
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Customer Reviews
Average Rating:

(based on 2 reviews)

February 12, 2018
"Love the two hearts!!! Perfect for my spouse and the little one. "
By Nicole
February 13, 2018
"I like be that I could create very special gift for my husband and kids in one. "