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Signature "Over the Hill" Gift Box
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Is someone about to be "over the hill?" This birthday gift just might keep them forever young! Create a customized M&M’S® combo with funny quotes, a photo, and color combinations that’s anything but old and gray.
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Age is just a number — but the birthday boy or gal doesn’t have to know that! The M&M’S® Over the Hill Gift Box is silly enough to bring out the inner child in anyone, whether the number on the birthday cake is 30 or 64. Hand them out at the big birthday party, keep a few on hand in the pantry as friends slowly approach the big 3-0 (or 5-0, or 7-0) or send a big box to that extra special birthday friend instead of a card. Nothing takes the sting out of aging like chocolate!

The box says it all with goofy quotes about going over the hill (and picking up speed), but you can add your own special message including fun anecdotes, quotes from the past, important dates — and even a photo from younger days. "Over the hill" birthday gifts can be sweet when they include scrumptious chocolate M&M’S®, personalized just for that special birthday celebrant who’s about to go “over the hill.”

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The Signature “Over the Hill” Gift Box comes with three 7-oz bags of personalized M&M’S®.

Each gift box holds approximately 13.5 servings of personalized M&M’S® candies.

Fun Ideas for an Over the Hill Gift

Punch Up That Party

  • Place an “over the hill” birthday gift at each table setting to welcome guests to the big party. Surround it with silly gifts to celebrate the geriatric years to come such as chattering teeth, personalized golf balls, and a bag of marbles (to replace the ones they’re about to lose).
  • Pair your personalized M&M’S® with a few recipe cards for festive cookies, brownies and crispy rice treats decorated with M&M’S® for an extra special way to say thanks to all your birthday party guests.

Get Your Game On

  • Imagine a tower of Sigature Over the Hill Gift Boxes — one for each decade your birthday boy or girl has been alive. Hand out the personalized candy boxes to each guest at the end of the night — or give them all to the guest of honor for a chocolatey start to yet another decade.
  • Have each guest submit his or her favorite quotes, inside jokes and photos of the over-the-hill birthday boy or gal, and write them on butcher paper that you’ll use to wrap this chocolatey fun gift from all of you!

Never Be Unprepared

  • A few boxes of customized M&M’S® in your pantry will make sure you’re prepared for every one of your friends and loved ones approaching an extra-special birthday. So go ahead — stock up!

Make the Most of Your “Over the Hill” Gift

Personalized Message Tips

  • A single M&M'S® candy can feature 2 lines of text, with 9 characters per line. You can print up to four different messages in one personalized M&M'S® blend.

Tips for Choosing an Image for Your MY M&M'S®

  • Due to the size of M&M'S® candies, images should contain only the faces of your subjects.
  • To ensure your subjects are recognizable, choose images with only one or two people.

Have a Question? Here’s Your Answer!

When will I get my personalized M&M'S®?

Most orders within the U.S. and Canada will arrive 7-10 business days after ordering. Express shipping is available during checkout.

For more details on shipping costs and times, please view our shipping information.

How should I store my personalized M&M'S®?

Your personalized M&M’S® chocolates should not be refrigerated, or exposed to high temperatures. Instead, store them at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

When should I place my order?

To ensure your order arrives in time for your event, we recommend placing orders for personalized candies at least three weeks before the date of your event.

Can I print anything on the candies?

We don’t want to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth, so there are a few rules to make sure that your custom blend is something we can all be proud of. Please do not use objectionable or offensive content, including words, abbreviations, phrases or images. We also cannot print trademarked logos or images.

Can I print individual images or messages on individual colors?

MY M&M'S® evenly distributes the messages in your personalized M&M'S® throughout all of the printable colors within your chosen blend. This means that if your custom M&M'S® blend has different messages and different colors, all of the messages will be printed on all of the colors.

Have another question? View our complete FAQs or call customer service at 1-888-696-6788, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.
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